WordPress Development

Without any doubt, WordPress is one of the most widely used software in website development. Due to user friendly interface and easy management of content, most of the clients at True Web Technologies solutions prefer using WordPress software for web development. PHP with Joomla and WordPress also presents a clear layout of the program in front of developers. At True Web Technologies we believe that the practical exposure to the application is very beneficial for all the developers. With the help of our custom built deigning tutorials, the clients can choose different layouts and designs in the development of a website.


One of the best features of WordPress is that it allows the developers to create a user friendly page. Our developers are highly proficient is WordPress and have developed both small and large scale web applications using this technology. It is easy to use and is based on open source platform which makes it even friendlier for the developers. The WordPress development is also offered with mobile development courses since many applications are developed using PHP language. WordPress has opened a number of opportunities for companies like us since we can train our team in a short span of time especially on WordPress technologies.


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