E-mail Marketing

Want to see optimum engagement of your prospects or clients? If you are nodding your head for yes, Trueweb Technologies will cater your needs well. We build and manage branded e-mail blasts to your prospective customers or clients.


We believe it calls for great content, catchy headlines and enticing graphics to get your mail noticed in client’s e-mail inbox. Our experts create HTML based e-mails with subject lines that convert. Being a worthy e-mail marketing consultants, we consistently achieve above average open rates, click through and are there to build up your subscription based e-mail list.


Our e-mail marketing strategies are tried and true that brings life into campaigns and ensures optimum engagement of targeted customers or clients. Beware, posting a blog post alone does not mean your audience gets the message that it’s live rather an RSS-fed e-mail sent at the optimal time will assure that your message is noticed.


Just program your ESP (E-mail service provider) to work automatically, set it and half of the battle is won. With this, you can make your e-mail marketing smarter than ever. We are there to help you harness these advanced functionalities and let the process go smooth.


Our e-mail marketing experts optimize your lists, weed out duplicates or inactive subscribers and craft well-designed and engaging e-mails, test subject lines to find the best ones. We try our level best that all the back-end functionality and automations are functioning well. Professionals with us measure, analyze, adjust and use that information to get expected results.


We’d love to answer any questions you may have. Contact us and discuss your business
objectives & we will let you know how we can help along

In today’s e-mail and marketing automation world, lead nurture is another trending topic. Our skilled professionals will help you create the content, build up strategy and do e-mail marketing automation that takes your strategy to the top.


No matter, you are looking forward to promote an offer or bringing your brand into notice again, Trueweb Technologies will help you create an out-of-the-box e-mail marketing and automation strategies that will integrate with your website and brand. Our e-mail marketing services includes but are not restricted to-

We believe content marketing contributes a lot to online, digital and SEO marketing success. Our content marketing services includes:

  • HTML e-mail designs
  • Automated marketing and lead nurture
  • RSS-fed e-mails
  • Custom e-mail templates
  • Subscription based list building
  • Reporting and analysis