digital marketing

Today, the whole world is becoming digital. Whether it’s your business or work, everything is sitting on the same boat of digitalization. Under this umbrella, the marketing of products and services which are mainly done on the internet is known as Digital Marketing. This medium is now getting popular across the world. Since 1990s and 2000s it has started, however now the Digital marketing technology has become so prominent that now no business can be thought without this.

What is
digital marketing?

Mainly, Digital marketing is just the promotion of business through various ways like social media, websites, television, radio and mobile phones etc. In other words, the more simple definition is that any marketing which is done with the help of electronic media aid comes under digital marketing.



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Why Digital Marketing
Is Important?

Today in this digital world, it is very commonly said that if a company exists physically then it must exist digitally as well. For any business nowadays, marketing is one feature which is a must for all. So when we talk about marketing, today the digital marketing is the only key to success. Many a times, a business face huge challenges while getting established, but when it gets effective digital marketing then there is no chance of any disestablishment.


How it
is done ?

We all know that, digital marketing is done digitally with the help of electronic media aids. There are various digital marketing tools –

SEO– SEO or Search Engine Optimization is just a technique, to find out where your website stands in various search engines. Also it helps in comparing with other millions of websites and improving the site ranking.

PPC– PPC or Pay Per Click is just a way of marketing in which you get traffic when you needed. In other words, in PPC the advertisers pay a fee when their ads are clicked.