PHP Development

When it comes to website development, PHP is one of the most widely used language. Software developers at our organization are more inclined towards the use of this language since it is an open source language and can be easily integrated with CMS and database. PHP offers excellent dynamics to any website and this why we suggest using this language to all our clients. The websites which are developed on PHP are easier to maintain as compared to other languages. PHP offers more functionalities to the websites like shopping cart systems, LAMP, CMS and integrated database. The creation and integration of nay database is quite easy if the developer is using PHP language. With a strong team of over 50 PHP developers True Web Technologies is one of the biggest software development company.


Our software developers have a good knowledge of PHP but it has to be updated regularly since new versions are released regularly. With every new version, the language comes with new features and functionality so it becomes pivotal for developers to learn all those functions. We at True Web Technologies always ensure that our team of core PHP developers are always inclined with the latest versions of this language and therefore we provide regular training to them. With True Web Technologies’s online PHP training and development the developers can attain a thorough knowledge of the latest functionalities of this language.


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